Tips for Choosing the Right White Label Provider 

iGaming business is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. A rapidly growing interest in online gambling, the ever-increasing disposable income of people worldwide, and an increasingly favourable legal landscape have made online gambling a highly popular entertainment option for internet players.  

More and more players are betting on online casinos. To meet this burgeoning demand, new online casinos and online sportsbooks are being launched left, right, and centre. Despite the intense competition that exists in the industry, online gambling continues to be a lucrative and high-margin business.  

A white label iGaming solution is the fastest way to launch your online gambling business, and you can do it today. At its core, a white label iGaming solution is a turn-key online casino software, which comes loaded with casino games, payment methods, multi-platform support, and more.  

The most important advantage of white label casino solutions is that they are time-tested and have undergone rigorous technical testing. Therefore, they are bug-free, which makes for a smooth and hassle-free experience for your customers. This directly improves customer satisfaction and contributes to your revenue growth. 

Who are White Label Providers?  #

White label iGaming providers are specific online gaming companies that provide software or service for gambling websites. Their services can cover online casino and betting platforms, payment systems, licensing, development of interfaces, or management platforms, which ensure a 24-hour availability and uninterrupted operation of a website. 

If to speak about the advantages of white label iGaming solutions, the first thing to pay attention to is, of course, that an iGaming operator avoids solving technical problems and can focus more on marketing promotion of the platform.  

In addition to this, fast gambling website launching decreases an operator’s expenditures and, what is also important, ensures control over processes at the high-quality level while entering the iGaming market. 

At the same time, iGaming solutions providers can offer a fully-managed gaming platform that includes all mentioned elements in a white-label solution. 

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Who Can Get the White Label iGaming Solution?  #

The White Label iGaming solution concept is an ideal option for ambitious operators who want to bring a new online gaming project to the iGaming market in a short period of time. Some of the main features of the white label iGaming solution are: 

  • A single package — a fast and comprehensive solution saves time, money, and effort compared to purchasing each service separately. 
  • Business and technical solution — good for experienced iGaming operators who know what they are expecting and make it easier for the supplier to provide these online gaming services. 

This solution opens up new opportunities for experienced business operators to expand into a new field. 

White Label iGaming solutions accelerate the preparation and launch process for online casino operators, since they purchase the whole organization and only partly participate in the process — they are not required to obtain a license, buy software, and deal with all legal issues.  

However this kind of solution is not for everyone: the provider company in this case takes a significant legal responsibility for the actions of the operator, exposing them to the risk of the operator’s failure. For this reason, White Label iGaming solution providers prefer to cooperate with experienced iGaming operators.  

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How to Choose the Right White Label iGaming Solution Provider?  #

The market is flooded with white label solution providers all assuring quality solutions and services. It can be challenging to find the most reliable one. Here are a few points you need to consider when looking for the best white label solution provider in iGaming industry. 

  • Proven Industry Experience — Check if the provider has enough experience in the iGaming software industry. The more the experience, the better quality the online gaming product and service you will get.  
  • Support Service — The provider should have a dedicated technical support team to solve your customers’ and your queries immediately with accurate solutions.   
  • Reviews and Testimonials — Check the reviews and testimonials of the provider not only on Google but also on other platforms like, GoodFirms, and more.  
  • On-demand Customization — The provider should be ready to do additional customization as per your specific needs and players demands.  
  • Comprehensive Gaming Solutions — Make sure the provider offers a good collection of online gaming content from top brands. Because high-quality gaming content is the top priority of gamers and punters when looking for online casinos.  
  • Cost — Compare the cost of different providers and choose the one that best fits your budget. However, you must not compromise the quality over cost. Convince yourself to pay a little extra if you are getting a really quality product.   

A thorough examination is necessary in order to get the right white label solution provider who can help you make the most out of your new venture.   

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How to Get a White Label iGaming Solution?  #

Most of the White Label iGaming solution available in the online gaming industry includes both purchasing online casino infrastructure itself and monthly royalties — payments in the form of revenue share. The final price depends on the project’s specific terms and package of additional services.  

A White Label solution provider company can solve many issues, but one thing it can’t take care of is development of your business direction. Knowing some general information is crucial in the very beginning for both your business and a iGaming solution provider — this is the starting point for your future cooperation. First of all, ask yourself several fundamental questions: 

  1. What is your overall budget? 
  1. How much are you ready to spend on marketing? 
  1. What marketing strategy will you use to promote your project? 
  1. How are you going to bring in traffic? 
  1. What team do you have? 
  1. What market are you planning to enter? 

A detailed business plan will go a long way when purchasing a White Label solution: your vision for your project will help you and the provider organize every aspect of your business to maximize your chances of achieving the results you’re aiming for. Your region of operation will determine what payment methods would be best for your casino, as well as the game providers and types of games you will probably offer. Your online casino website name and technical specifications will also have to be submitted before you start the preparation process. 

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How to Start an Online Casino Website Using White Label Solution?  #

Once all the plans are made and all the questions are answered, it’s time to get in touch with the white label solution provider. At this stage, you’ll discuss the conditions of the agreement, including the platform’s price, commission rates, monthly payouts, and other financial details. Sublicense, payment and game providers, platform features and details are also addressed. 

The development process can take at least few weeks or up to three months to complete, at which point the project is ready for operation. Additionally, most of the white label solution provider will incorporate the partner operator, acquire a sublicense, design the website, fill it with games and payment solutions, integrate player support, and submit a ready-to-launch, branded online casino platform. Then the platform operator can get to work promoting the project. 

Launching a gambling platform using white label iGaming solution is the right choice for those who have a limited budget and timeframe but a clear vision for their business. Most of the White Label iGaming solution provides:  

Collaboration with Well-Known Software Providers — Companies that work with the top software developers are worth your attention. High-quality software content ensures the stable operation of your online casino and attracts potential players. In case of an efficient working process, you will pay off all invested finances very quickly. 

Minimal paperwork — Operators skip the long and complicated license acquisition process, as the experts at most companies take care of it themselves. 

High Security Levels — Smart operators work with companies that are ready to provide high safety levels. It is essential to find out what protection methods are popular today and what equipment and software are used for this purpose. 

Games and payment systems — The contracts with game and payment system providers are conducted directly by the white label solution companies. The company integrates the full list of available gaming content providers and payment systems relevant to the iGaming market of operation. 

Web Hosting — Placing a large amount of content, especially online casino games involves extensive resources. A parent company must provide reliable hosting. The stability and speed of the online casino website directly influence players’ satisfaction levels. 

Customized design — The platform’s design and features are developed according to partner operators’ technical specifications. 

Things You Need to Beware Using White Label iGaming Solution  #

The selection restriction — The white label solution provider is responsible for the selection of most details: online casino games, payment systems, additional software. However, the cooperation conditions may vary from provider to provider. Some providers offer their players, young brands with more freedom in certain questions. 

The fixed range of settings in the gaming platform — One of the major disadvantages of the white label is that the iGaming operators gets the finished gaming product with the already implemented range of settings. The developer is the only one able to make some changes. 

The limited ways of the promotion of the young gambling-product — Operators providing services are concerned about their reputation. That’s why there is a large probability that the start-up company will have to listen to the developer’s advice concerning the marketing campaign, or even being under the full control.  

What’s next?  #

Whether its a first time iGaming operator, or a long running business, every company requires software or web services from time to time. 

Finalising a solution is really depend on the amount of time and resources available with the company. A smart choice in this scenario can determine the success of the company in the long run by getting a suitable white label solution. 

White label solutions have become the go-to way for iGaming businesses to launch new products and services and offer loads of benefits. 

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