Surefire Ways to Retain and Increase Players Engagement on iGaming Website

There’s no question that iGaming is constantly growing in terms of profitability and player base. The competition keeps getting hotter as more players make the jump from physical to digital casino experiences. 

And iGaming operators who can go the extra mile to attract, engage, and satisfy players into becoming long-term patrons are set to get the bigger slice of the proverbial pie. 

One of the big red flags for player churn is lack of engagement with your iGaming product and your company. Once your players stop using your product and stop answering your calls, it’s just a quick step for them to cut all ties. The trick to avoid this is to keep them happy and engaged. But how do you do that?  

It can be daunting to find new ways to maintain a lively interaction with your players and continuously offer great support to foster this crucial business relationship.  

And, the bigger you get, the harder it is to keep it up. But keeping players engaged doesn’t have to be hard! All you need is to have some key strategies in place and the right tools to help you. 

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The rule of thumb is: the better the engagement, the happier the players are. This means you need to actively foster a player enablement culture and execute strategies to create emotionally engaging relationships — because engaged players are more likely to stay, recommend and buy more. If your player engagement strategies are effective, they will positively impact your KPIs. 

Below are some strategies that will help you increase player engagement for your online casino or sports betting website: 

Flawless iGaming Translation and Personalized Localization 

iGaming has long been a global industry. That’s why the best iGaming websites have multiple ways to adapt to the needs of players from around the world for a superior experience that will keep them coming back. 

Since player experience is everything, a tailored experience adapted for players covering different countries and languages can mean the difference between a casino player conversion and a miss.  

People like it when they can communicate and receive instructions in their native language. It’s one of the best ways to attract online gamblers and retain them. 

Besides, multilingual iGaming content enhances your brand’s profile, SEO performance, and attracts more players. 

Creating a Solid Community Around Your iGaming Brand 

Community is the lifeblood of an iGaming brand’s success because having a group of people committed to using and patronizing your platform makes them vital partners to deliver exceptional online gambling experiences. 

Excellent player support service, multiple communication channels, and an online social media community or forum contribute to a greater sense of identification with the brand. Community-building is a constant effort worth its weight in gold. It’s a crucial element of success in the digital era. 

However, there isn’t a single clear-cut format to build a community from scratch, so a good idea is to see how leading iGaming companies do it themselves and then take the best parts and adapt them to your own needs. 

Setting up an online casino forum for members to participate in is a great idea to begin building an organic community for your iGaming brand. Think of it as setting up a second home for players to share experiences, strategies, make online friends, and interact with your brand. Social media is also a key linchpin of community-building, and with it comes investing in marketing campaigns across various platforms. 

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Offer Helpful and Relevant Content to iGaming Sector 

Take some time to talk to your players and understand their challenges and needs, not just about what relates to your product and business relationship, but also to their job as well. Whichever your online gaming product is and what your players use it for, it is very likely that there is a way you can help them improve their gaming experience, usually by sharing relevant information that will help them perform better.  

This is especially relevant when your players’ success is highly connected to the use of the online gaming product or service you provide. 

Develop and offer gaming content that addresses those challenges and needs and keep an open communication. This may mean creating articles, videos, eBooks, player guides, skills training, a special access to members of your team (other than player services)… 

The key point here is, sharing content and knowledge that is relevant and helpful is the best way to maintain or increase your engagement with players, and to foster a healthy and long-lasting relationship with them. 

Engaging Content on the Blog 

Attractive iGaming content is written for readers instead of just Google rankings. Any individual well-versed in the world of online casino content knows that the sector is infamous for haphazardly-written FAQs, guides, and fundamental content.  

Some content is simply run through Google Translate and republished without regard for grammar, readability, or context.  

Worse, some even come across as purely having been created for SEO rankings. 

But people prefer to read content that engages. That gives a personal touch to your iGaming brand. One that makes them feel that “connection” with your brand.  

Therefore, before putting pen to paper, ask yourself who the primary audience for your content is. That would be your existing and would-be patrons. Or secondary audiences that might be able to influence another would-be member of your primary audience. 

There’s no shortage of platforms from which today’s audiences discover content. It could be from social media, email newsletters, links from other websites, and search engine results. 

Therefore, it’s essential to strike the right balance between well-written and informative texts and search engine optimization. 

Content is king, and its quality is dependent on investing in the right talent. It might cost a little more to hire experienced iGaming translators and writers, but the final results are definitely worth the investment. Today’s audiences are more discerning than ever when it comes to consuming their content, which is why quality content is a must. 

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Marketing Campaigns That Spark Conversations and Curiosity 

Creative promotional campaigns have long been an essential determinant of an iGaming operator’s success. From tried-and-tested affiliate programs, email, and social media campaigns, to guerrilla iGaming marketing strategies, operators employ a wide array of techniques to achieve this end.  

More recently, one of the best marketing strategies for iGaming operators is real-time marketing. It requires rolling out tailored, precise-to-the-minute updates on social media to proudly say “You heard it here first!” 

This also means some ad campaigns aren’t planned months before the launch but rather curated as players interact with media assets. 

Real-time marketing is thus fast becoming an industry-leading strategy to attract and retain new and existing players. The odds of achieving a positive result increase exponentially when both approaches are paired with the right balance. 

One of the most effective methods to spark conversations is by setting up an email newsletter. Newsletters are a great way to build an email database that has the potential to deliver a good ROI on your outlay since they only cost server space.  

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Err on the Side of Brevity and Consistency 

It could be tempting to let creative juices run free when it comes to marketing communications. 

However, from an iGaming operator’s perspective, it might be appropriate to keep things as precise and clear as possible in emails, such as including a CTA wherever necessary to facilitate the required action as quickly as possible. 

Also, it’s important to keep the tone and style of your messaging consistent. Make sure that it corresponds as close to the offer as possible regardless of the language. No BS. 

Remember the three L’s: localize, localize, localize. 

You can create a certain set of standards for every piece of content you publish and adhere to it. This goes for web pages, blogs, video content, social media, and everything in between. 

Opportunities are abundant when engaging players the right way–and there’s no better time to start than now. Once you figure out the right balance that makes the most sense for your iGaming site, the possibilities for your brand are limitless. 

Get Your Players’ Feedback and Ideas 

Your players are premium sources of information about your iGaming product, your service and your relationship. They will have key information about what’s good, what’s bad and everything in between. 

Your players are the best source of (actionable) information for many areas in your iGaming platform: about what makes your online gaming product or service easy or hard to use, what features would be more important to prioritize, what type of information they lack, what would help them use your iGaming product more, what may be lacking in terms of support, what difficulties they had implementing your product or getting team members onboard…  

You get the point, right? So, what’s the strategy here? 

Make sure you have in place a regular way of collecting your players’ feedback. You can do it through surveys, polls, interviews. This is a great way to have additional interaction with your players, and to let them know that their feedback is important. 

A good way to take this strategy to the next level is to show their feedback was heard and acted upon. If you implement something new on your online gaming product or made a change in the way your service is delivered that was based on players’ suggestion, let them know. Show them you care!  

Bottom line 

Finally, adopt a “Not you and me, us!” approach to player success. Embed your players into your iGaming business’s culture and make them feel like they belong. Your players should have an emotional bond with your iGaming platform that is stronger than the business aspect of a day to day player-operator relationship. 

To ensure the success of these projects – and improve loyalty, usage, engagement and player recommendations –  it is important to make player engagement a priority, and to create and execute a solid communication and engagement strategy. 

Of course, the strategies above may not apply to all types of gaming products, but if you can implement at least one of these suggestions, your players will thank you and your players engagement rate will certainly rise. 

Ultimately, everyone likes to be heard, to feel respected, recognized, and part of something bigger. If you can make your players feel this way, they will most likely never leave you. 

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