The Benefits of Promotional Offers iGaming Operators Should Know

As the iGaming industry continues to grow, a proper marketing strategy is crucial for online casino operators to stand out from the crowd. Acquiring and engaging players are your primary goals, and there are several promotional tools that can be used to help you do this while also increasing KPIs. 

Because of the intense competition in the iGaming business, promotional tools may provide your casino the extra push it needs to attract new players and keep them engaged for a longer period of time.  

They may contribute to increased player engagement by allowing for greater degrees of immersion and involvement with gamification aspects while without interfering with the game’s gameplay.  

Although various markets have different regulations about which promotional tools may be used, the huge array of tools available ultimately allows you to provide the greatest experience for your players. 

Welcome Bonus  #

Also being known as sign-up bonus, welcome bonuses are offered to new players registering on the casino platform for the first time, typically in the form of an extra deposit. They are often bundled with free spins or other types of freebies to make the offer more enticing.  

Like other bonuses, they need to be wagered a specific amount of times before they can be withdrawn, and this helps to increase player retention.  

Almost every online casino offers some form of a welcome bonus, and the most common one matches the deposit amount a player makes into their account, giving them double what they put in. 

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Deposit Match Bonuses  #

Deposit match bonuses also being called as deposit bonus, reload bonuses or top-up bonuses are geared towards rewarding players for making a cash deposit into their gaming account. Players receive an offer from the casino that matches their deposit, up to a certain percentage. These deposits may come in the form of gifts or freebies and be offered for new player sign-ups or as part of promotional campaigns.   

These incentives may cover a percentage of your deposit (such as 50%, 60%, or anything above or above) or the whole amount of your deposit (such as 100%). They are usually accompanied by a list of terms and conditions, so be prepared to bet your winnings before withdrawing. 

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No Deposit Bonus  #

No-deposit bonuses also being known as free-bet bonuses are the polar opposite of deposit bonuses in that they need no deposit. There is no need to put down a deposit on this one; you just get it for free. It goes without saying that there will be restrictions and limitations associated with this incentive, so be sure to read the small print. 

Free Spins  #

Free spins are the most popular sort of bonus for slot players. Casinos provide them on a very regular basis, generally in bunches of 20, 30, 50, or even more than 100.  

This form of bonus may be applied to an individual slot machine or to all of the slot machines from a certain iGaming software developer. They are normally required to be spent within a few days, so be sure to read the terms and conditions. 

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Referral Bonus  #

Many casinos allow players to create a referral code that can be entered once their friends create an account. When registering at an online casino, there’s usually a referral code section where new players can enter their friend’s code. After making a deposit, the applicable bonuses will be available to both players 

VIP Bonuses  #

A VIP bonus casino sites give is one of the highest offers player can get. This bonus often includes prizes that cost a lot of money like the latest Ferrari or iPhone. The prizes are high because most VIP members are considered to be high-rollers. 

Cashback Bonuses  #

Whenever player participate in an online casino game, there is a good probability that players will both win and lose money. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a bonus that compensates them for their losses? That is precisely what cash-back bonuses are intended to achieve. 

They are often paid out on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis by casino websites. To be sure, players shouldn’t expect them to cover 100% of your losses; instead, players should anticipate something in the region of 20% to 30% of their total losses. If players get a bonus credit, it is probable that they will be required to bet it, so be sure to read the terms and conditions before using it. 

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Wager Promotions  #

Wager promotions focus on rewarding players for making a minimum number of bets in order to withdraw money from their accounts. Players may be offered a promoted wager sum for free if they wager a fraction of the promoted amount. While this may not generate as much revenue as in the case of a free promotional wager offer, it may still boost operators’ revenue significantly. 

Tournament Bonuses  #

Tournament bonuses are usually offered across a variety of casino games that involve multiple players and large pots. In these tournaments, players get to compete in real-time, and the types of prizes offered are endless. 

Jackpots  #

Most commonly found awarded in online slots, jackpots come in two different variants—a fixed jackpot and a progressive jackpot. Fixed jackpots pay out a lump sum that is not influenced by players’ bets, while progressive jackpots rise with each bet placed. The latter type, in particular, is a proven tool for enhanced player engagement. 

Prize Drops  #

These are special offers with boosted prizes or jackpots (typically progressive) attached to them that drop upon a win completely at random. Prize drops are unique in that they award players with extras and enhance the gaming experience without interrupting the gameplay.  

A good example here is Wazdan’s Cash Drop, which allows online casinos to customise iGaming content that flows seamlessly with their promo periods. It can be used as a money drop, prize drop (including physical gifts such as an iPhone), or a mix of both. 

Cash Drop has proven to be a hugely effective player acquisition, retention, and enhanced engagement tool. The operators that have implemented Cash Drop have been able to offer their customers next-level experience and report astounding results—219% increase in Unique Active Players, 265% increase in Game Rounds, and 366% increase in Bet Sum (all this compared to games without this tool). 

What’s next?  #

iGaming operators need to be aware of the different laws and procedures regarding the use and deductibility of promotional tools for marketing activities in various jurisdictions. Since many casinos implement several promotional tools at a time, they require a clear perspective on how to abide by the legislation.  

In the end, both the iGaming operators and the gamers benefit from this arrangement. Just be sure your players to read the terms and conditions before clicking on the Claim Now! 

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