Numerous Benefits of Crypto Casinos that will Impress Your Players

With the technological advancements used by online casino sites, your players no longer have to spend more money just to visit their preferred land-based casino. They can place bets anytime and wherever they are. Just ensure a stable internet connection for a smooth gaming experience.  

Aside from the hundreds of games to choose from, there are several banking methods such as bank transfers and crypto wallet. For the past several years, crypto-currencies have been all the rage. While they were used only by tech-savvy enthusiasts at the very beginning, coins like bitcoin have quickly become a lot more widespread and started being used by numerous people who wished to test the newest form of digital currencies like bitcoin for themselves.  

The best crypto casino operators didn’t take long to realize the multiple benefits of crypto-currencies and have quickly integrated them into their online casino platforms, allowing players to use them as deposit and withdrawal methods to play Bitcoin blackjack and other popular games. 

Crypto-currencies has taken the world by storm in recent years with more and more players seemingly embracing virtual currency, with many players now using it to gamble, too. Indeed, a vast majority of the crypto community that likes to gamble continue to flock to a Bitcoin casino regularly, as they are able to enjoy their favorite games much in the same way as they would if they were to use the conventional currency. 

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However, that is not strictly true, is it? No, in fact, there are a host of different benefits that can now be enjoyed at a crypto casino compared to a traditional online platform that only allows fiat currency to be used!  

So what are the benefits of gambling with crypto-currencies? Keep reading to find out and learn why so many are already participating in this type of wagering activity! 

What is Crypto Casino? 

Crypto casinos are a new form of online gambling that is not regulated by any government. The gaming contents are decentralized, meaning that the house does not have control over the game and the odds. 

Crypto casinos rely on random number generators to create the odds. So, the iGaming providers can’t cheat or change the game in any way. 

The crypto casinos are those casinos where crypto-currencies like BitCoins are used. BitCoins are used by your players for funding their games. These types of digital currencies provide your players total control and anonymity.  

They will have to register first and provide their details. The rules and terms are more or less like the regular online casinos, except that your players get an additional option of making and receiving payments. 

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Security is Extremely Tight 

One of the biggest benefits of gambling with crypto-currencies is that it is incredibly secure. When your player gamble with traditional currency, there is always a risk that their fund could be stolen or lost.  

But when they gamble with crypto-currencies, their funds are stored in a block-chain – which is virtually impossible to hack. This means that your players can rest assured knowing that their money is safe and sound. 

Bonuses and Promotions 

For a lot of players, the welcome bonuses are the deciding factor on whether the said player will join the casino in the first place. When it comes to casinos that offer crypto-currencies, the sign-up bonuses are often a lot more generous and sometimes you may even expect to see a bonus going as far as one BTC — if you’re curious about the current value of bitcoin – 1 bitcoin is worth $ 23,557.80 at the time of writing, which is significantly larger than any other bonus that regular online casinos have to offer. 

Furthermore, it is a lot easier for you to integrate your gaming content into crypto-driven casinos, so your players will often have a lot more games at their disposal. In addition to regular casino games, the games that they will get to play are provably fair, which means that they can verify the fairness of every game. 

Transaction Speeds 

As we’ve just mentioned, crypto-currencies aren’t regulated, and your players won’t have to go through identity verification processes when playing in an online casino. The reason this bit of information is relevant again is that crypto exchanges don’t really conform to the regular laws and regulations and they can circumvent all the tedious bank procedures. Therefore, the time required to withdraw their money is significantly cut. 

The speed of your players’ transaction will depend on the coin that they’re using and its algorithm — how many miners are out there mining the coin and how long it takes to mine a coin in general. Long story short, each transaction will take around 15 to 30 minutes on average to process, which sure beats waiting for several days before you can start spending your freshly earned money, right? 

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A lot of players make the common misconception of thinking that using crypto-currencies to make transactions makes them completely anonymous, which couldn’t be further from the truth. 

When your player use traditional methods like credit cards or bank transfers, their identity is attached to their transaction. But when you use crypto-currencies, there is no way for anyone to trace your players’ transactions back to them. It is because all of the crypto transactions are recorded on a public distributed ledger called block-chain. Even though it is accessible by anyone, your players’ personal information is hidden and encrypted.  

With every transaction, they don’t need to provide any personal information. Just provide your BTC/crypto address or simply scan the QR code. This reduces their risk of exposing themselves to hackers and other fraudulent activities. And it’s the perfect way to gamble anonymously. 

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An advantage of gambling with crypto-currencies is the decentralization of the whole process. When your player gamble with traditional currency, their money goes through a central authority – like a bank or the government. However, when your player gamble with crypto-currencies, their money is sent directly from person to person without any middleman. This makes it much faster and more efficient than traditional methods. 

Additionally, the fact that each transaction is decentralized and skips a middleman, it means each deposit or withdrawal made with a BTC casino can be considerably cheaper, too. Bitcoin transactions will still incur a cost that will need to be paid, however these are significantly lower than any of those that can be incurred when using traditional finance. 


Lastly, gambling with crypto-currencies is also incredibly convenient. Traditional gambling methods can be quite cumbersome – especially if you are trying to gamble from another country. But with crypto-currencies, all your players need is an internet connection and a digital wallet. They can then gamble from anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night. 

Crypto-currencies are an excellent way to circumvent a lot of the strict regulations imposed by various governments. In a lot of countries, online gambling is illegal, so a lot of your players will have issues when trying to play online, which can all be avoided when using digital currencies like bitcoin.  

Keep in mind that, regardless of the fact you can operate online gaming platform anywhere, online gambling still might be illegal in particular countries, and you would be operating it in such countries at your own risk. 

Bottom line 

As you can see, there are many benefits to encourage your players gambling with crypto-currencies, which helps to highlight why so many are already enjoying this method of wagering when playing online.  

The advantages and benefits that are available certainly make a BTC casino an appealing option for all players, especially when they are secure, feature a high level of anonymity, as well as the ability to exploit instantaneous transactions that come with lower fees because of virtual currency’s decentralized nature. 

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