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MEGA888 was launched in 2015 and continues to grow even after 6 years. MEGA888 is a mobile-based B2B and B2C iGaming software with its own online gaming platform; combined with a feature-rich affiliate partnerships operating across Asia and works with both Android and IOS iPhone. It’s one of the best online gaming content that is particularly popular within the Southeast Asia region.


At a Glance

With his team of only 10 members and a capital of USD300, 000, Michael Tan started his company MT Ventures Sdn Bhd and embarked on building his MEGA888 empire. Day and night his team worked hard to put where MEGA888 is now. He is the founder of MEGA888 and has successfully grown MEGA888 to be the largest iGaming software development company in South East Asia. Today, Michael Tan’s total net worth is estimated at USD8.3 billion.

Among the leading iGaming software developers is MEGA888. Almost every online gaming operators from Singapore, Malaysia and beyond Asia offers MEGA888 gamin products. MEGA888 iGaming software developer itself is a well-built online gaming platform that supports a memorable betting experience. All games from MEGA888 support fair betting. This is because MEGA888 is properly regulated and licensed by the relevant authorities.

If you seek a betting products or service for your player enjoyment without doubts about confidentiality and privacy, consider MEGA888 iGaming software developer. The brand gives the highest priority to the security, safety and privacy of its patrons. Yet, MEGA888 is a leading live betting site in terms of customer support, gaming quality and mobile gaming compatibility. Consider any of the gaming content discussed herein to get started on MEGA888.

MEGA888 has been designed to offer the best iGaming experience to novice and experienced players alike. MEGA888 can be considered as one of the most well-known iGaming software developer currently in the world of iGaming. One could claim that it is the most trusted and adored iGaming software, not just in accordance with standards on the internet, but also with the actual world and international standards and international standards as well.

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MEGA888 is one of the most well-known online casino platform that are available in Malaysia, Singapore, and all of Asia with a focus on online slot games. The game offers plenty of options for slots and comes with a very high winning rate. All of the games available on the platform are designed well and boast of imaginative themes and animated that match games. Additionally games, MEGA888 comes with music specifically tailored for each game. MEGA888 will all provide the most enjoyable gaming experience. Below are some highlights related to MEGA888’s gaming operation features for operators.

Developer Insights

MEGA888 is regarded as a user-friendly mobile iGaming software application for beginners due to its emphasis on slot games that many new players begin with because they are relatively simple to determine and play. This means that professionals as well as new players are able to play comfortably on MEGA888.

MEGA888 is an online gaming software application that works with famous and reputed software developers. Therefore, it uses the latest software that runs smoothly and effectively. Your player can enjoy online gaming content through MEGA888 platform anytime, anywhere without any distraction. The latest software helps your players to access a variety of new online gaming products.

The graphics used in MEGA888 are very impressive and attractive. When your players play online gaming content on MEGA888, your players can get the feeling of land-based casinos. The 3D graphics are used to provide your players a real feeling and attract them to play more. MEGA888 is designed with an attractive format and layout. The 3D version used in MEGA888 is more engaging and appealing than 2D graphics. The virtual reality technology used in MEGA888 attracts more and more players towards it.

What is the first thing your player look for while choosing an online gaming platform? Of course, whether your device can access it? While registering on MEGA888, your players don’t need to worry about its compatibility. The top software developers run MEGA888, so one doesn’t find any difficulty while playing online gaming content from MEGA888. It is compatible with every device such as mobile phone, computer, laptop, and tablet. So your players can use any of these devices and access several gaming content online.

Must-Have Products

MEGA888’s Slots Games

Slot games are especially popular at MEGA888 due to their simple gameplay mechanics, low effort requirement and large rate of return. Some notable examples of slot games available at Mega888 include Robin Hood, Alice in Wonderland, African Wildlife, 7 Crazy, Da Sheng Nao Hai, Wolf Killer, Afro Wildlife, 8-Ball Slots, Steam Tower, among others. These games all feature their own unique twist accompanied by interesting themes that are vastly different from each other, along with slight tweaks in multipliers and game rules. All of MEGA888 slot games are fair and entertaining, and this is something your players will have to start playing to know.

The most popular fishing games on MEGA888 are no doubt, Li Kui Pui Yu and Fishing Star. Li Ku iPui Yu is a relaxing fishing game for casual gamers, meanwhile Fishing Star can be considered to be slightly more challenging than the former game as it features more shooting mechanic and has a stricter rule on shooting accuracy and points multiplier. Of course, if your players can take up the challenge, they will have access to a larger prize pool. For players that just seek to indulge themselves in some casual fishing game on a lazy afternoon, Li Kui Pui Yu would be the right choice for your players.

MEGA888’s Fishing Games

MEGA888’s Table Games

MEGA888 has various live table games and roulette games for all to enjoy. The live table games are immersive and the roulette games are all thrilling, people from both left and right are getting addicted to MEGA888’s content and their appetites are growing larger than ever. Luckily for the fans, the team at MEGA888 has no plans of stopping their improvement and progress, and they vouch to churn out more great iGaming content in the future.

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Who are the best iGaming product and service providers?

There is a long list of iGaming software developers in the online gaming industry. Moreover, each one of them claims to provide premium iGaming services and a wholesome experience.

How do you choose the best iGaming software provider for your operation?

There are various characteristics that a person may look upon to sort out the best among all iGaming software developers. These characteristics саn be а number of things including – gaming fеаturеѕ, mоbіlе рlау, gаmіfісаtіоn, рауоutѕ, bоnuѕ rounds, quаlіtу grарhісѕ, іn-gаmе mесhаnісѕ, and good sound quality for perfect gaming experience. What you can do іѕ trying to choose fеw types of gаmеѕ frоm аnу gіvеn саtеgоrу аnd ѕее whаt your player base lіkе рlауіng mоѕt.

What's the relationship between gaming platform operators and iGaming software developers?

Оnе соuld nоt ехіѕt wіthоut thе оthеr! iGaming sоftwаrе dеvеlореrѕ сrеаtе аn еntіrе роrtfоlіо оf gaming products and services thаt іѕ lаtеr rеntеd tо аn оnlіnе gaming platform – thаt’ѕ hоw iGaming ѕоftwаrе dеvеlореrѕ mаkе mоnеу аnd thаt еnаblеѕ thеm tо сrеаtе еvеn mоrе аmаzіng gаmеѕ. Іt іѕ truе, hоwеvеr, thаt ѕоmе bіg оnlіnе brаndѕ hаvе thеіr оwn, іn-hоuѕе, ѕоft dеvеlорmеnt tеаm, but thаt dоеѕ nоt ѕtор thеm frоm раrtnеrіng wіth оthеr game сrеаtоrѕ.

What is MEGA888?

MEGA888 is a well-known online casino website that is used by most of the players of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia. It is the best place for your players to enjoy their quality time and earn huge funds. MEGA888 provides more than 150 high-class and common casino games from top game developers including Evo Gaming, Major Gaming (BG) and more. So, the Mega888 app can also play games from other entertainment industries. This success is attributed not only to a wide variety of games, including online slots, fishing games and table games.

What is MEGA888’s mission?

To become one of the top-ranked, reputable gaming platforms in the online gaming industry, you would have to be completely outstanding in terms of game quality, site stability, infrastructure, security, and customer support. When it comes to this, no online casino has done that in a better, more successful and lavish manner than MEGA888.

What kind of gaming products does MEGA888 make?

MEGA888 has more than 100 slot games across five categories including Classic Slots and Video Slots and Asian-themed Slots as well as 3D Slots along with Progressive Slots as well as fishing games. There’s something to suit every player. There’s a wide selection of games offered by all major casinos, which means your player can play the best slots no matter where you prefer to play. When it’s time to go to the table MEGA888 has more than 40 different games to play. Your players can pick from the classics such as roulette, blackjack and Baccarat. There are also some distinctive variations only available at casinos like multi-wheel roulette that has the possibility of playing up to twelve wheels simultaneously. As of now, there available 22 tables to choose from and more are expected to come in the coming years and players will have the chance to try new games on MEGA888’s casinos.

Is MEGA888 safe?

MEGA888 is ехtrеmеlу ѕаfе аnd ѕесurе – the software developer has thе hіghеѕt ѕесurіtу mеаѕurеѕ fоr ѕеnѕіtіvе реrѕоnаl аnd bаnkіng dаtа рrоtесtіоn, аѕ wеll аѕ truѕtwоrthу trаnѕасtіоnѕ fоr player’s dероѕіtѕ аnd wіthdrаwаlѕ.

Is MEGA888 mobile friendly?

Yes. MEGA888 creates mobile friendly online gaming application that can be available from a range of devices, including desktop pc, laptop, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Does MEGA888 practice Responsible Gaming?

MEGA888 is elevating the online gaming industry by putting the operator’s convenience first. MEGA888 gives gaming platform operators multiple tools to practice responsible gaming, including deposit limits, spend limits and cool-off periods for online punters.

Who can I contact for further assistance?

For further assistance using this directory site or to answer queries you may have, please get in touch via the Contact Us page.

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