iGaming Events & Marketing

iGaming event means an occasion on which a game of chance is played. While, Marketing has been reported to influence gamblers’ perceptions and behaviors, but this is not as clear for digital marketing. iGaming marketing is broad, ranging from the marketing of gambling websites to communication and advertising on the social media and networks.

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A tournament event that awards winners a ticket to an even bigger tournament.

Sit and Go
A type of tournament event which starts as soon as a designated number of entrants is reached.

Slot Occupancy
A plan of action intended to accomplish a specific goal, using all the forces to execute approved plans as effectively as possible.

Survivor Tournament
A type of tournament where you need to finish above a scoring certain cut-off to advance to the next week.

Sweepstake casinos, to put it in simple terms is a type of casino site that offer games or prizes in which players can win prizes by chance; Sweepstakes Poker site- allows players to play poker using Sweeps currency system; Sweep Coins- free bonuses often given when Gold Coins are purchased.