iGaming Events & Marketing

iGaming event means an occasion on which a game of chance is played. While, Marketing has been reported to influence gamblers’ perceptions and behaviors, but this is not as clear for digital marketing. iGaming marketing is broad, ranging from the marketing of gambling websites to communication and advertising on the social media and networks.

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There are currently 3 names in this directory beginning with the letter P.
Pay-per-click (PPC) Marketing
An advertising model in which the business pays only when someone clicks an ad and is directed to the retail website.

Permission Marketing
Marketing based on getting a users consent to receive information from your company or website.

Point Redemption / Script Redemption
The financial term for the cost of the cash back redemption. It is generally one of the larger expense items. Often refers to what guests earn through the players club as a result of rated play. Most casinos reward guests with points that can be accumulated for club status, comps, cashback, promotions, or free slot play. We refer to these as “points” because it’s typically a more natural way to explain what a guest has earned and what they can get in exchange.