iGaming Events & Marketing

iGaming event means an occasion on which a game of chance is played. While, Marketing has been reported to influence gamblers’ perceptions and behaviors, but this is not as clear for digital marketing. iGaming marketing is broad, ranging from the marketing of gambling websites to communication and advertising on the social media and networks.

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IGA (In-game Advertising / Marketing)
In-game advertising, or IGA, refers to advertising in computer and video games. IGA sees advertisements being integrated within computer/console games and mobile games. ... Virtual spaces are sold for advertising purposes to advertisers, much in the same way space is sold in the real world. In-game marketing is the tactic of advertising something inside a game. It allows advertisers to pay to have their name or products featured in digital games.

iGaming Industry
It means the industry comprised of businesses engaged in operating, or providing services to, online casinos. GAMING INDUSTRY means all businesses engaged in legalized gambling activities, including without limitation casinos.

iGaming Market
iGaming is any activity that involves betting online, for example betting on a live event or a game outcome. iGaming is a highly innovative industry that never sleeps, and the online casino sector is leading the way.